Hello there!  Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Larry Tate, a husband, stepfather, avid traveler and an owner and founding partner of Midwest Wealth Advisors. I’ve been a financial advisor for over 24 years.

I’m glad you’re here and I sincerely hope you are ready to:

  • Invest smarter
  • Make work optional in retirement
  • Strive to reduce your tax bill

Why I Started Midwest Wealth Advisors

Individuals are tired of financial advisors that are not fully focused on investor needs.

My goal is simple: Help educate and empower hardworking people like you and your family to prepare, implement, and manage every phase of your pre- and post-retirement life, helping to ensure your “Golden Years” are just that—Golden.

You didn’t build your retirement nest egg overnight. It took years of committed savings, choosing long-term gain over immediate gratification.

Now, you need attention, service, and guidance to see your strategy through, so you can enjoy every day of the retirement you worked hard for.

Midwest Wealth Advisors is a client-focused firm working with your best interests in mind. We deliver access to sophisticated portfolio management, personal relationships, and wealth management. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients both today and through their retirement.

I love my job.

I’m proud of my firm.

There’s a lot of bad advice out there.  And a lot of conflicting advice.

And even when the advice you can find is decent, there’s often too much of it for a retirement saver to sort out on their own.

You shouldn’t waste your time and energy trying to navigate through the best retirement and tax planning moves to make.

You should be able to gain access to proven strategies, in plain English, that help you reduce taxes, invest smarter, and make work optional in retirement.

That’s what I’m all about.

I created this website so you could learn a little bit more about me before we talk on the phone, see each other on Zoom, or meet in person.

Below you will see a few articles I wrote that I feel are always timely, and helpful, in pursuit of achieving your financial goals.

I’m here to teach you proven strategies (in plain English!) that will help you retire on your terms…and Enjoy Your Golden Years!


Lawrence(Larry) Tate